What our students have to say about ProRider

"I have been riding for over 30 years and this is the best training I have ever had, these are life saving skills that every rider must have. I was worried about droping my motorcycle but there were 12 in the class and not a one went down. I was worried for nothing!"... Andrew

"I took the pro ride course today and it was more than I expected. The instructors were great,they explained everything to the class in great detail. I have been riding for many years and today's class has given me a whole new confidence. Phil is a great instructor and a even better person, on my way home my bike broke down and I called him and he showed up on the side of the highway to help me. He not only teaches skills but he makes sure that you are safe getting home, he epitomizes the brotherhood of bikers. I will and would recommend this course to anyone who rides"... Derick

"I had 10 years riding experience before i took pro rider course. I learned more skills in the eight hours of the ProRider class than I did in the entire ten years of riding. The class was amazing and the exercises I was not executing right,the two instructors told me what I was doing and they had me do it till I got it done right. This is an amazing class every rider should take. I wish they had an advanced ProRider class"... Scott

"I can NOT say enough about how GREAT the ProRider advanced rider course was! So well worth the money spent and frankly with the instruction received; I'm shocked it didn't cost more! I would HIGHLY recommend this course or any of their courses offered! I will actually be returning since I'm of the thought you can never get too much training; especially when it could actually save your life! My hats off to our two instructors, Terry and John for all they did with us!!! I've been riding for almost 20 years and I came away with a very valuable skill set that I'll use every time I ride! Great, GREAT course!"... Doug

"Just wanted to let you know how great the course was. I thought I could ride before but now I have skills that may very well keep me from getting killed. I have recommended your course to the Montgomery County chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Assoc. They have asked me to inquire about a group class just for them. I will be in touch with you soon about that"...Warren

"I attended your course on July 12, 2014. I learned a lot, and took a much higher confidence level away with my riding abilities when completed. On August 4, 2014, I was on my way home on my bike and was approaching a red light and car in front of me. I had not come to a complete stop yet, but looked into my mirrors and noticed an SUV closing in on me quickly. I looked at the vehicle in front of me and then back at the one approaching. I noticed she had a cell phone in her hand and I took evasive action learned in the course from July. The rapid lane change saved me from being struck from behind. The woman driving the SUV was now along side of me and she nearly rear ended the vehicle that was stopped at the red light. If it was not for the skills taught to me on July 12th, I would have been a statistic. Thank you for the education provided me through ProRiderMC"... Mike

"What an excellent course I took yesterday from Pro Rider!! One word, WOW!! No, Better yet, make that two words.. WOW WOW! After completing the MSF- BRC, BRC2 and ARC courses, I thought to myself what could Pro Rider actually teach me over and above MSF. Well, my curiosity has been satisfied. Your course is very challenging and exactly what I have been looking for. I love a challenge!! I am not a paid endorser or in any way connected to Pro Rider other than I am a recent customer and took the Advanced Skills riding course. I highly recommend this course to any experienced motorcyclist. I promise you, no matter how good you think you are at riding your bike, this course will sober and humble you!! Very inexpensive considering the quality of education and the excellent instructors who are riding policemen themselves! You owe It to yourself to sign up and spend a day with these incredible riders. With today's roads filled with potholes and unskilled car drivers, texting, road debris and a million other obstacles on the roadways, you really do not have a choice. Sign up, take the course, you will be far more advanced than other riders for sure!! Thanks again Phil and all the gang at ProRider for an awesome day of listening, learning and personal education on riding. We had 12 riders in our class but I can attest that the instructors take their time and assess each rider individually. It was almost like taking a private course!! Looking forward to take your classes again soon!"...Ira

"After talking three separate courses from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation I thought I was a great rider. Today I took the ProRider Advanced Class and learned just how much I did not know. This is by far the best motorcycle training available, that teaches practical skills that can be used daily and the skill needed to save an accident or a life"... Kevin

"I would like for you to know awesome Ernest was. He was gentle with those who needed it and properly pushed those who that should. His knowledge, communication and way of approach was fantastic. The class exceeded my expectations and the feed back I got from my group was awesome. Everyone rode away a better, safer more skilled rider and it's is because of you!!! Thank you and please know that you have a dedicated, positive spokesperson in northern NJ!!!"... Russell

"I have been riding motorcycles for 50 years. I attend the MRF Experienced Rider Course every five years or so, just to stay sharp. I want to thank you for what I learned when I took YOUR course with ABATE's SW NJ Chapter on 5/31/15 at the Delaware County Emergency Services facility. Your instructors, Amanda and Ernest, were great. They showed an amazing amount of passion for what they do and, more important, patience, with our group. We are all very experienced riders, but your course clearly showed me, and I'm sure others, how much we DIDN'T know. So many bad habits that I have developed over the years were pointed out (in a non-critical way) that I have to re-examine my riding skills and work on some changes. I can tell you I was a better rider when I left and will become even more proficient as I practice what was taught and demonstrated in the course. Thank you"... Harry

"I came to ProRider literally as a new rider. I had just completed the safety course two weeks earlier and the week before the ProRider course I had just purchased a motorcycle. Being in a class with people who had been riding, in some cases, 20 years or more was a bit intimidating. However, Amanda and her crew put me at ease immediately. When needed, they provided me with one-on-one attention and made sure that I was able to understand the techniques and complete the course successfully. Taking this course was the best money that I have spent after I got my motorcycle license. Since the course, I've been riding my motorcycle two to three times a week. When possible, I ride to work and on occasion, I even ride to church. Taking the ProRider course has helped me to become a more confident rider, but more importantly, taken the ProRider course has helped me to become a safe rider. I recommend ProRider without hesitation!"...Fred

"I took the Advanced Rider Course in Orlando FL on Feb 14, 2015 instructed by Michelle Angeloff. I have ridden motorcycles on and off for about 40 years, with the last 11 years on Harleys. I was most impressed with Michelle's expertise in both riding and teaching skills. She not only explained the exercises in a way we could understand, but also demonstrated them and tailored them in a way we could all feel successful and confident. She never gave up, and took as much time with each student as was necessary so we could learn from our mistakes and then complete the course with confidence. There are some who can teach, some who can do and a very small number who are good at both - Michelle is obviously one who can indeed do it all. She is a skilled motorcyclist and patient teacher. I would highly recommend that everyone who rides take advantage of this course"...Bob

"I just wanted mention to the club that a group of our members attended the Proriders course class this weekend, man what a great experience. A full day of training that will definitely hone your skills and one day save your life"...Bill

"I am really happy I took your Advanced Riding Skills class. I was really able to improve my control over my motorcycle. Amanda and Ed were excellent instructors and very friendly and easy to work with. The skills and drills that I took away from the class will allow me to continue to improve as I practice on my own. Everyone on a motorcycle should know these things!"... John

"Did the Advance course yesterday, awesome! Amanda and Ed are great. If you ride and believe your skills are good enough and can't be better or don't need to improve, you are kidding yourself. It is a fun, difficult, frustrating day of learning, but by the end of the day you will be a better rider and inspired to continue to practice and continue to improve your skills further. I dropped my bike twice during the day, I felt a little embarrassed, but Amanda and Ed are right there to help you get up and make sure you are okay, they offer encouragement and positive feedback, no criticism, no shame. All you want to do is get back on your bike and try again. I had my guards wrapped, absolutely no damage to my bike, only my pride, I'll take that every day to be a better, safer rider. Take the course, you will not be sorry!"... Jim

"Wow! What a great class. The secret is out on how the motor cops do it! I was definitely pushed to my limits and had a great time in the process. Amanda and Ed were awesome instructors and they are very knowledgable and skilled riders. They made the class fun, challenging, and relaxing, all in a non threatening environment. As a Harley-Davidson Riding Coach I will be encouraging my experienced rider graduates to consider taking this class to continue to build on their riding skills. If you are a an experienced rider looking to take your skills to the upper limit, then this course is a must. Thank you Amanda and Ed!"... Tom

"Hi Amanda! First I want to thank you so much for creating and offering the ProRider advanced course. The training is immeasurable and the instructors are great! What a great training program you have created and an exceptional opportunity to learn so much from three wonderful experts! I never knew all that could be done on a motorcycle before and I have been riding for over 35 years. Also, I want to tell you what a great decision to hire Ernest, his skill level seems limitless and his patience is supportive to us rookies. Tom and I are already talking about taking the course again in the future."...Anthony

"As an avid believer in ongoing motorcycle rider training, Martin and I attended the Pro-Rider Defensive Riding Course. While I have participated in many great programs - MSF Basic Riding Course (BRC), Advanced Riding Course (ARC), Ride Like a Pro and the Total Control programs - the Pro-Rider program was exactly what I was looking to fill the gaps. Pro-Rider Defensive Riding Course addresses real life driving scenarios and trains a rider to respond with aggressive maneuvers. The training exercises were demanding and exciting. I highly recommend that every rider include the Pro-Rider DRC program in their training, The is the first defensive riding program that challanged me. It was great!!"... Russell

"Hi all, I just wanted to thank Amanda and Ernie for their wonderful instruction at the ProRider course today. Wow! What a great course and a great day for it. I learned quite a bit and am vowing to practice what I've learned. I want to become as good a rider as all three of the instructors. It was a long day, but well worth it. I highly recommend this course for everyone. Hands down the best! Ernie... you rock! Amanda... your the best... such total dedication. Love you all!... Donna

"I took the first ProRider Defensive Driving Course offered in Garland this past Saturday. The concepts learned in the course are applicable to everyday street riding and accident avoidance. The instructor, who is also a Police Motorcycle Officer, brings his years of riding experience onto to course to help you become a better and safer rider. Its a very good investment and worth every penny"... Sean

"I took the defensive riding course this weekend. It's great having an instructor who is a current police motorcycle officer who rides everyday. The skills learned in this class are applicable in everyday riding and can be used by any rider to be aware of their surroundings and other cars on the road. I hope to never have to use any of the accident avoidance techniques, but if I do, I'm glad to have attended this course and know how and when to do them properly to keep myself safe. Keep up the great work"...Johnathan

"I came in with our BHR group wondering what would happen. I left with a better understanding of my abilities and what my bike is capable of doing. Hopefully with much more practice the two will be closer. The level of instruction was excellent and at times entertaining. I told my friend before lunch how much fun I was having, then the real work started. The afternoon session were drills like I have never ridden before but were demonstrated and accomplished. I will be be back to learn more. Like anything else in life, you get out what you put into it"... Bill

"There are many courses out there but none like this one. I went through MSF basic and advanced and this class blows them away with real world training that has practical applications on the street. I am so much more confident than ever before. You must take this class!" ... Robert

"As a "lapsed" Motor Officer in suburban Philadelphia I was looking to knock some of the rust off of my hard-earned skills from years ago in motor school. Well, I got much more than I bargained for! ProRider had all of the key points for instructing both confined-space drills as well as collision-avoidance and many other fine points required for success in the fine art of motorcycle operation. Amanda is experienced beyond her years, and the rest of the staff couldn't be more professional. I can't recommend the course enough for anyone who wishes to prolong the lifespan of their riding career by being a safe and proficient motorcyclist!"... Edward

"Thank you for having a school like this- I've been looking for one forever. All three of you did a wonderful job. You did exceed my expectations and I did not think that I would have gotten as far as I did in one day. I will return to your class because I think it can take me to my next level of riding. Thank you for the effort you put into your class. See you soon!"... Louis

"My thanks to the instructors at ProRider for a long day of useful riding instruction, practical tips and helpful guidance. I have had my motorcycle license for better than 40 years. Having said that, I am always anxious to learn new riding and safety techniques from others. The combined experience of the ProRider instructors provided an opportunity to do just that and to practice those techniques under their watchful eyes. Since taking the course, I am riding with greater confidence in my ability to comfortably handle my bike in various situations and I am better prepared to deal with the unexpected, but inevitable hazards posed by other drivers and weather related conditions... Ben

"I am really happy I took your Advanced Riding Skills class. I was really able to improve my control over my motorcycle. Amanda, Ed and Phil were excellent instructors and very friendly and easy to work with. The skills and drills that I took away from the class will allow me to continue to improve as I practice on my own. Everyone on a motorcycle should know these things!...John

"Just a short note to thank you and your staff for the motorcycle training this past weekend. I learned techniques I should of known 40 years ago. Amanda & Ed were professional in every sense of the presentation and knowledge of motorcycle skills and safety. Every rider new and veteran should consider this training. I am looking forward to using my new skills on all my future rides. Again thank you for a great fun weekend."... Ron

" In May of 2014 I attended ProRider's Precision and Control Course (PCC) and the Defensive Riding Course (DRC). My goal was to improve on my riding ability and maybe learn something new. I did that and more. Amanda, Ed and Terry did an outstanding job as instructors. Anyone would benefit from a training curriculum that focuses on slow speed maneuvers, confined space turns, crash avoidance and braking techniques. These courses improved my riding ability and increased my confidence. Thank You ProRider. "... Bob

"Great course for any expierienced rider. You will definitely come away with better, improved skills. The instructors work with you. Every rider should take this course."... Keith

"Spent most of the day in the Advanced (Rider) Skills, hosted by ProRider in PA. Learned a lot and realized that I still need practice, practice, practice to help out with real life situations. Thank you all, for pushing us to hone our skills and for reminding us that we all need to practice to stay sharp."...Leilani

"Amanda I want to thank you very much for the training that I received yesterday. I was very nervous as I found out that it was setup as a motorcycle officer training class. However by the time I left I felt like I learned something that I can use at any time. I will be back for more training."...Russell

"The Advanced Riding Course was more than I expected. I have been riding for 30 + years, starting on dirt bikes as a kid and street bikes since approximately 1983. The skills that I learned from your course have improved my confidence. I appreciated the sincerity of all the instructors in their desire to insure that we learned and improved our skills as the day went on. They were all excellent instructors!!"...Mike

"Everyone that rides should take this class. Amanda and crew were great. They were easy to understand and took the time to answer all of my questions. I feel I left a safer rider and I will continue to pratice the skills learned. It was a fun and challenging day. Thank you so much guys. See you again soon."... Lou

"I have attended a number of motorcycle riding courses ranging from the MSF basic course through to more advanced courses, but ProRiderMC of Philadelphia was a great and unique experience. The two courses I took with Officer Wenrich (Amanda) - Precision and Control and Defensive Riding - were excellent. All of the instructors took a personal interest in each of the students, and probably most noteworthy, was their willingness to adapt the course to the needs of each student. For those for whom this was first exposure to the challenges of this level of training to those with prior training, the instructors adapted the difficulty of the course so that each student maximized the learning experience. There was a good balance of instruction, demonstration, time to practice, and rest. Throughout the day, I remained challenged. I think that any rider, regardless of experience, at any level, would be hard pressed to come out of the day without improving his/her motor handling skills, but more importantly, learning how to handle a motor under hazardous road situations that, without proper training, could otherwise end up in an accident - the motorcycle losing. Another unexpected, but very nice surprise, was an after course email from Amanda and a couple of attached pics that were taken during the day. On another note, all of the instructors were great people; not only did I improve my riding, but I walked away with new friends. I definitely plan to go back in order to continue to refine my riding skills and get the benefit of supervised training by expert riders. For the money, it is absolutely worth it"... Ernest

"I cannot express enough appreciation for you guys coming to our CMA chapter's meeting a couple of months back and offering the ProRider training to our group. A part of my career was spent as a safety director for a trucking company and defensive driving is always on my mind. This course takes defensive riding to another level. Coupling that with the Precision Control part of the advanced class has made me a much better and safer rider. It has only been a few weeks since the course but I find myself thinking about what I was taught as I ride and even occasionally swinging into a large parking lot to hone some of the skills I learned. I believe this is a must for every rider. I know many folks will look at making a full day commitment along with the cost of the course and decide to push it off until a later date. Even a minor incident dumping your bike with only minor damage to you and the bike will cost way more than it will to take this course. I see this as a wise investment for every rider!"...Wayne