Ernest Kopecky - Philadelphia Chief Instructor

Ernest started riding in the summer of 2009. He is a Motorcycle Officer with Lower Chichester Township Police Department. He has completed the following motorcycle training: MSF PA Basic Rider, MSF PA Basic 2 Rider, and MSF PA Advanced Rider; Harley Davidson Basic Rider's Edge; Primary, Advanced Level I, Advanced Level II, and Primary Police Motorcycle Operator Training at Midwest Police Motorcycle Training; as well as the ProRider Precision & Control, Defensive Riding, Advanced Riding, and Instructor's courses; and is a certified Police Motorcycle Instructor through ProRider Motorcycle Training, ICE, Inc.

Over the years, he has accumulated a total of over 454 hours of training primarily with Police motorcycle instructors, but also with civilian instructors, approximately 340 hours of on range practice time, and over 50 hours of teaching time as an Assistant Instructor and over 200 hours as an instructor with ProRider, Philadelphia; he is currently the Chief Instructor for ProRider, Philadelphia. He continues to refine his motorcycle riding skills through yearly training at Midwest Police Motorcycle Training or ProRider. He currently rides a duty Road King Police and a personal HD Road King Police for teaching and training.

John Jackson - Philadelphia Instructor

John Jackson has been employed as a full-time police officer with the Plymouth Township Police Department since 1982. He was a patrol officer, and then promoted to patrol Sergeant in 1996. He served 20 years on the Special Operations team (SWAT) as an Operator, Team leader then Team Commander. John was transferred to the Highway Patrol Unit in 2008 and assumed command of the police motorcycle unit. He attended an 80 hour Basic Police Motorcycle Operators course sponsored by Harley-Davidson and Northwestern Institute and has attended a 3-day annual recertification every year since. Once certified and riding with the other officers in the region he became very active participating in funeral and dignitary escorts as well as parades and charity rides.

John has the option of riding his motor at work every day and logs many miles per year answering calls and patrolling on his "motor". John's unit currently has (6) Harley Davidson Electra glide motorcycles equipped with state of the art graphics, emergency LED lights, siren and communications equipment.

John started riding motorcycles at an early age starting on a mini-bike, dirt bike (Chaparral 80), had a Honda 125 enduro as his first car when he got his driver's license at 16 and has ridden numerous street bikes since. His current ride is a 2014 Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide Ultra Limited Peace Officer Edition. John enjoys teaching everyday riders how to be better, safer riders.

Terry Smith - Albertville Site Owner
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Terry Smith has been a motorcop since completing police motorcycle training in 2004. He and his family have logged years of riding with no crashes. In addition to the usual crash investigation schools, Terry has also completed the Motorcycle Crash Investigation course. His love of riding and passion for safe, disciplined riders have come together as a motivating force with ProRider. Terry's goal is to help others enjoy their passion for riding and have many incident-free years of operation, just as he and his family have experienced.

In addition to motorcycle training, Terry has been a law enforcement trainer since 2000. He has literally taught classes across Tennessee from Memphis to Bristol as well as in Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. He is known for his ability to connect with all personalities and to deliver serious information in an enjoyable, interesting way which capturers the student's interest.

According to some, Terry is a little "different;" when everyone else parks their bikes due to the heat or cold he just keeps right on rolling.

Mike Moyer - Montgomery Site Owner
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Michael (Mike) Moyer iscurrently employed as a Full time Motor Officer with an Alabama Police Department and has been riding motors for his department since 2005. Mike has enjoyed teaching the skill of riding to other officers on the streets and during the two week motor course. He has been assisting with the course for several years and recently became a Certified Motor Instructor in 2013.

Mike has been in law enforcement since 2002 and has been a field training officer in patrol and traffic/motors division. He has been to several motorcycle accidents he thinks could have been avoided with basic knowledge and skills every rider should have. He wants to pass these basic skills along to civilians to improve their safety.

He has a background in riding several different makes of motorcycles and be prepared for a lengthy conversation if you ask his personal favorite

Ken Anderson - Atlanta Site Owner
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Ken has been in law enforcement for 27 years, and currently at the rank of Sergeant. During his service in Special Operations Motorcycle Unit, he was an Assistant Commander responsible for Motorcycle Training and escorts. He has completed 120 hours and obtained a Management Certification. He has also completed an 80 hour State Police Motorcycle Certification and 80 hours Motorcycle Instructor Certification from IPTM. He has competed on the County Police Motorcycle Competition Team.

Motor Cops learn valuable skills and techniques through advanced training. Ken wants to bring this opportunity to all motorcycle riders in the State of Georgia.

David Gray - Richmond Site Owner
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Dave is a retired law enforcement officer with thirty-five years of law enforcement experience with both local and federal agencies. Dave has worked as a motor officer, accident investigator, patrol officer, detective, crime prevention and narcotic agent.

Dave has attended MSF Georgia Basic Rider, MSF Kentucky Advance Rider Course (ARC) twice, BMW Riderís Academy, Pro-Rider Precision & Control, Defensive Riding and Advanced Riding and numerous safety seminars at different rallys. Dave is safety conscious and it is demonstrated in his riding and instruction.

Dave's current ride is a BMW R1200RT and his back-up is a BMW G650GS. He enjoys riding in the mountains of Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia , West Virginia or just about any ride whether it be long or short.

Chuck Dalton - Baltimore Instructor

Charles (Chuck) Dalton has been employed as a police officer in Maryland since 1999. He is currently a Corporal assigned to the Departmentís motor unit. In 2007, he attended an 80 hour Basic Motor Officer course based on the Northwestern University Police Motorcycle Operator curriculum. Since being assigned to the motor unit, in 2008, he has attended a 16 hour Advanced Tactical Motor Officer school hosted by the Maryland State Police Motor Unit. To enhance his training and pass on his skills and knowledge he has obtained as a motor officer, he attended the 120 hour Police Motorcycle Instructor course in 2012, hosted by the University of Maryland College Park Police. In 2013, he attended a 21 hour course to become one of his Department's BikeSafeMD assessors. To continue his training, in the spring of 2014, he attended level's 1 and 2 of the California Super Bike school, to familiarize himself with sport bikes and racing techniques.

Chuck has been responsible for re-writing the Department's motor officer training courses to include standards set forth in Maryland's Police and Correctional training requirements. He is currently one of the senior motor instructors for his unit and responsible for basic motor officer training, re-certification training, and in-service training. Chuck's responsibilities also involve being a Motor Field Training Officer and the agencies motor coordinator. Chuck also assists other agencies with training and implementing motor units throughout the state.

In 1994, he attended the ATV Safety Institutes basic operator course. He was able to attend the US Secret Service ATV 8 hour ATV course in 2010. As part of his duties, he has written and implemented the Department's ATV and Off Road Motorcycle courses. In 2010, Chuck competed in the Mid Atlantic Police Motorcycle Rodeo held in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

His riding experience has varied over the span of 30 years. He grew up riding ATV's and dirt bikes. When he turned 16, he obtained his motorcycle license and has owned several motorcycles since then. He currently has a 2005 Harley Davidson FLHT. Chuck has a passion for riding and teaching that shows even off duty. He teaches several courses at the Police Academy in addition to the motor officer training he conducts. He has traveled through many states, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Smokey Mountains, and loves riding the Dragon at Deal's Gap. Chuck enjoys traveling to numerous motorcycle events along the east coast. He takes every opportunity to speak to other motorcycle enthusiasts to pass on his experience and knowledge.

Rick Sullivan - Baltimore Instructor

Rick is a retired Maryland State Trooper (30 year career, retiring as a Sgt. in 2005) of which 20 plus years were on police motors. Through his career as a motor officer Rick was assigned Harley Davidsons, Kawasakis and BMWs as patrol motors. He was very instrumental in the introduction of motors for patrol purposes within the Maryland State Police in 1986. His agency had last used motorcycles for patrol in the early 1960's. He obtained his initial motor officer certification through the United States Park Police at their Anacostia station located in Washington, DC. He later obtained his instructor's certifications through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation/Motorcycle Safety Program and obtained instructor certification through his agency. Subsequently, he held and conducted motor schools at the Maryland State Police Aviation Section stationed at Martin's State Airport in Middle River, MD.

Rick was selected as an agency representative multiple times for participation in Police Motorcycle Safety competitions in the mid-Atlantic area and also in and around Dallas, TX. Additionally, he participated in the Police Motorcycle Road Racing World Championships held at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA. After his retirement from the Maryland State Police, he moved onto The Maryland Transit Police where he was appointed to the rank of Sergeant and responsible for their patrol motorcycle program. While there, he developed the department's motorcycle officer's operational manual and related SOP documentation in addition to the development of the purchasing specifications for new motors.

Rick has been a licensed motorcyclist since the age of 17 but he actually started riding at the age of 8. Over the years he has owned a variety of motorcycles and still to this date maintains multiple manufacturers within his collection. His enthusiasm for the sport of motorcycling resulted in him and his wife operating an educational business for the sport known as "The Flying Wheel". That curriculum covered proper riding apparel and safety equipment, motor vehicle law reviews, servicing and proper transporting techniques of motorcycles and other subject matters as shown to be needed. He and his wife (who also is an avid owner/rider) enjoy finding remote destinations, adventures and rides of fulfillment as the story goes. Rick's belief is that as long as the roads are clear it is time to ride!

Dave Ennis - Baltimore Instructor

Dave Ennis has been in law enforcement for over 33 years and has been a Police Motorcycle Officer for 24 years. He is an avid motorcyclist and has been riding for over 40 years. His formal police riding training include the United States Park Police basic school, Maryland State Police Instructor School, Northwestern University Instructor School, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Instructor, and many training seminars.

In addition to police related courses, Dave has completed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation basic rider and advance courses, BikeSafe North Carolina participant and assessor courses, and all 4 levels of the California Superbike School. He is a police motorcycle Master Instructor and has taught numerous police basic and instructor courses. His students have included students from officers from across the United States.

Dave extensive riding knowledge and skills have also translated into in various motorcycle safety initiatives. He is a member of the Maryland Motorcycle Safety Coalition and has presented motorcycle safety topics at statewide and regional summits.


Craig Cupaiuolo - Hagerstown Site Owner
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Craig Cupaiuolo is a Police Officer for the Montgomery County, MD Motor Unit. Craig has a BA in Education and is a certified as field training officer. Craig has completed a MSF safety class at HCC and the MCPD 80 hour basic police motorcycle operators class, as well as annual motor officer in-service training annually since 2007. Craig is a full time mounted motor officer in Wheaton 4th district MCPD. Craig is a certified police motorcycle instructor completing 120 hours of instructor school.

Craig completed a MPCTC General Instructor course for the state of Maryland and a University of Maryland instructor recert class, as well as 120 hours leadership in Police organizations. Craig assisted instruction of 4 police basic motor schools since 2010 and has attended police motorcycle training seminars/competitions in VA, MD, and SC during the past 4 years.


Dave Prange - Hagerstown/Gettysburg Instructor
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Dave began his riding career over 45 years ago with a mini bike around the age of 10. In 1985, he joined law enforcement in Maryland, with a desire to one day to be a motor officer. He fulfilled that desire and has been riding in a motor unit ever since.

He attended the following training schools: (1987) basic police motorcycle, (1997) police motorcycle instructor, (2005) police general instructor, and in (2013) master motor instructor. Competing in police rodeos, as well as training seminars, and annual motorcycle recertification, has allowed him to learn new skills and refresh old ones. He has instructed at numerous police motorcycle schools, and enjoys teaching and training others. In his off time, he rides a Harley Ultra Classic.


Brian Kuykendall - Hagerstown/Gettysburg Instructor
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Brian has been a police officer for the past 25 years. The last 18 years of his career, he has been assigned full time to the departments motor unit. After completing basic police motor school in 1996, he was then assigned to the 5th District Motor Unit where he went on to become a police motorcycle instructor in 2003. Since completing the 120 hour motorcycle instructor school he has assisted in teaching over 15 police motor schools. Brian is also a certified instructor through the Maryland Police Training Commission and was a Maryland drivers education instructor for several years. Brian competed in his first police motorcycle training/competition in Florida in 1997 and has competed in several since then from Florida to Canada.

Brian has ridden his own motorcycle for the past 25 years and has ridden across the United States several times, covering 47 of the 50 states on 2 wheels. (All by riding from his home in Maryland, no trailers involved)

As a motor officer, people are always asking how they can learn to do some of what we do. This is a way to pass on some of the knowledge and skills learned by riding everyday in every kind of weather. Hopefully it will make all involved a little safer on the road.

BJ McMullan - Pittsburgh Site Owner
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BJ is currently employed as a full-time Police Motor officer. He is no "fair weather rider". He rides with his motor unit 8 hours a day, 365 days a year and installs a sidecar to his Harley during the harsh Pittsburgh winters. He rides in rain, snow, ice and temps below zero and has even battled the blizzard of 2010 on his Police Harley. BJ has been a police officer with the same department for 20 years. He became a motor officer in 2006 and after mastering his skills he moved on and became a certified Police Motor Instructor.

In addition to the 80 hour Police Motorcycle certification course that he teaches to police officers and medics in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, he also re-certifies them in a 40 hour training course each year. He has certified and re-certified hundreds of police and medics since he became a motor instructor. He teaches additional training throughout the year including a sidecar training course and updates.

BJ was instrumental in revamping the police departmentís motorcycle program with the most current up-to-date training and safety information available. BJ not only is a police motorcycle instructor he is also a certified Krav Maga Instructor. He has a passion for teaching and possesses the ability and patience to train anyone who wants to learn. BJ travels to different states and competes in police motorcycle rodeos. He has won several awards with the most recent being "Overall winner" in 2013. BJ also owns a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic and rides off-duty because clearly, eight hours a day is not enough for him.

During his career as a police officer, he has seen numerous motorcycle accidents by both experienced and inexperienced riders. Not only the accidents but, observing riders who lack total control and confidence during slow speed maneuvers and turn negotiation always made him wish that he could pass on and teach advanced techniques to civilian motorcycle riders. Finding ProRider was just what he needed. He is looking forward to passing on his knowledge and experience so everyone can enjoy riding and go home safe.

Joe Warren - Chattanooga Instructor

Joe Warren is currently employed as a full time Motor Officer for the Chattanooga Police Department and has been riding motors for his department since 1998. During that time Joe has been teaching the two week Police Motorcycle Operator Course in the Southeast TN Region either as both an assistant instructor and lead instructor since 2003.

In 2000 Joe began authoring motorcycle safety articles for a number of years for a monthly motorcycle publication and became well known in the Chattanooga area as "the motorcop", and is still called upon by local media as a resource for motorcycle related stories. Unfortunately Joe has also had the responsibility to investigate countless motorcycle fatalities in Chattanooga but has used that experience to reinforce safe motorcycle driving habits as well as teaching the public on motorcycle awareness.

Joe rides regularly both on and off duty and has logged countless hours behind the handlebars both on duty and off. On a side note, it is widely believed that Joe Warren was issued a patrol car, but few Chattanoogan's have actually seen him drive it.

David Wright - Dallas Site Owner
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David Wright is currently employed as a full time Motor Officer for the Sachse Police Department. David Completed his Motor Officer course in 2011. In 2010 David was certified as a MSF RiderCoach. Since then David has conducted several Basic and Experienced rider courses.

Through the years of teaching the MSF course and investigating accidents involving motorcycles, David could see the need for more advanced training in the Dallas area. David then started to reach types of advanced motorcycle classes. The research found the only advanced training in the Dallas area was geared towards racing sport bikes.

Nothing was found that would help the average rider avoid accidents and stay safe. David then expanded his search and found ProRider®. After speaking with the founder David new it would be a perfect fit for the area and the type of training he wanted to bring to Dallas.