ProRider Is The Largest Advanced Motorcycle
Training School In The World That Specializes
In Teaching The Motor Officer Techniques!

ProRider Is The Largest Advanced Motorcycle Training School In The World That SpecializesIn Teaching The Motor Officer Techniques!

Police Motor Officer Skills for All Riders

A motorcycle training class so unique that you can't afford to miss it, your life may depend on it! ProRider advanced motorcycle skill courses include the same training exercises used by police motor officers and motorcycle rodeo competitors. 

We will teach you to apply tried and true riding techniques that are guaranteed to improve your riding ability and riding confidence.

 Classes cover low speed maneuvers, confined space turns, crash avoidance, and various braking challenges. ProRider courses are conducted by police motor officers and civilians who have successfully completed police motor school. 

If you are an experienced rider, who desires to take your riding to the next level, increase your abilities, and have fun in the process... come ride with us in an upcoming class.

Your Riding Skills & Safety Are About To Change Forever!

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We are now offering a new opportunity for you to open a ProRider school in your area! 

This ProRider training is above and beyond what the MSF and Harley Riding Academy teaches to beginner and experienced riders. Again, ProRider is modeled after Police Motor School, this is the next level of training!

ProRider school territories are limited by location. 
This means we only allow one ProRider school to operate in an air mile territory..
That’s important for two reasons:
We don’t oversaturate, it’s never good to do business in a flooded area.
Once the territory is taken, that's it. No more ProRider schools are allowed to open in that area. If your territory is sold to somebody else before you decide to join us… I’m sorry but I cannot extend this offer to you.
We put together a free, short training video if you would like to learn more about owning a ProRider business.

When this video ends, you will have an option to schedule a call where we will go over all the minor details,
answer all of your questions and go over several different pricing options.


Advanced Skills Course

This is an 8 hour, challenging course. It is a combination of our Precision & Control Course and the Defensive Riding Course. This is for the rider that wants it all! This course will allow riders to learn how to better handle their personal motorcycle on the road and at low speeds. This program will incorporate the techniques learned and mastered by police motorcycle officers, and will improve the riding abilities of even the most seasoned rider. At the end of the course, participants will receive a successful completion certificate, as well as a refined skill set and newfound confidence. Some of the exercises practiced in this course include: Slow Cone Weave, Lane Change, Off-Set Cone Weave, Single & Double 360, Iron Cross, Straight Line Braking, Brake & Evade, Rear End Crash Avoidance.... Plus More!

Defensive Riding Course

This is a 4 hour, advanced course that will better prepare riders to anticipate hazardous road situations and react to them quickly, safely, and effectively. This program will incorporate techniques learned and mastered by police motor officers, and will improve the riding abilities even the most seasoned operator. At the end the course, participants will receive a completion certificate as well as a refined skill set and new found confidence. Some of the exercises practiced in this course include: Straight line braking, braking in a curve, rear and crash avoidance, 30 MPH weave, swerving, and more!

Precision and Control Course

This is a 4 hour, advanced course that will better prepare riders to handle their motorcycles with precision & control at low speed and in confined spaces, such as crowded parking lots, limited space turnarounds, and slow moving traffic. This program will incorporate techniques learned and mastered by police motor officers, and will improve the riding abilities even the most seasoned operator. At the end the course, participants will receive a completion certificate as well as a refined skill set and new found confidence.
Some of the exercises practiced in this course include: Double 360, Iron Cross, Offset Cone Weave, Slow Cones, and more!

In Our Class, Riders Will...

• "Bond" with their personal motorcycles and familiarize with the bike's full capabilities and limitations
• Learn and practice low-speed techniques that are perfect for those pesky parking lots and tight turnarounds (...and when you want to impress your friends, or passenger).
• Practice braking, evasive maneuvers, and hazard avoidance exercises that may save your ride and your hide from serious damage, injury or death.

Intended audiences:

This course is intended for experienced motorcycle riders, who have a firm grasp of the basic skills of operating a motorcycle, but desire to become a better, safer, and more confident rider. This is a challenging course, so riders must have physical stamina to withstand a full day on the range.


• Motorcycle endorsement on license
• Ownership of a motorcycle: cruiser, touring, sport, dual-purpose (must be street legal).
• Motorcycle must have:
    – Valid registration
    – Valid inspection (where applicable)
    – Valid insurance coverage
• Intermediate rider skill level
• Rider safety gear, to include:
    – DOT approved helmet
    – Eye protection
    – Above-the-ankle boots - high top sneakers are not acceptable
    – Gloves (open, or full-fingers)
    – Durable, long pants - no athletic pants of any kind

Maximum Class Size:

12 participants max (we are very strict on class size, and classes do fill up quickly).


We also offer a step-by-step online video training course! 

Our ProRider Video Training Course Has Quickly Became The #1 Best Selling
Motorcyle Training Video In The World!!!

You can watch a couple free lessons by clicking the "learn more" button.


"Pittsburghers have some special people associated with their city, from sports figures to great musicians......But add to the list "The Rock Star of Motorcycling" Motor Officer BJ McMullan and his "ProRider" motorcycle skills course. BJ McMullan, possessing the skills of a special elite group nationwide, actually offers the opportunity to the public to learn his special techniques! In taking the course, I also realized that it also takes a special guy to be able to transfer this knowledge from his level to mine. This course is a yearly "must do", to help master and maintain control of your 2-wheel machine. The way I see it, total control of your bike equals the 2 most important things to a rider; safety on the road and maximum enjoyment on the ride."
- Joe Schmitt
"Just home from my first ProRider Pittsburgh, Advanced Rider Course. What a day! The course is a progression of exercises designed to begin with the basics and layer additional skill sets throughout the whole day. The lunch break discussion among the riders centered on how difficult each exercise "seemed" the first few times through, but had become second nature as additional challenges were presented in succession. Imagine if you will, having the opportunity to spend time on a course with an expert who not only rides for a living, but also teaches others who ride for their livelihoods. Enter BJ McMullan. His demonstration of each exercise is textbook perfect. His coaching is patient and effective. I made some new friends, exchanged contact info with other riders. I fine-tuned some basic skills. Corrected bad habits. I gained some new skills that may one day save me from injury. What a day! After a couple months of practice, I'm going back for more."
- Joe Holden
"There are many things that money can't buy. Love, happiness, manners.... etc. However, money CAN buy skills training for handling your motorcycle. ProRider Pittsburgh is the absolute best way to gain those crucial handling skills that you may not have even known you needed. I have taken this class 3 times in 2 years, and I plan to make this class an annual event. BJ McMullan and his talented group of professional Police Officer and EMS Responder instructors never fail to instill skill and inspire me to push further on my nearly 1000lb motorcycle than I ever thought I could. If you think you can, you can. No matter what you ride, the best investment you can make is learning how to ride with the pro's!"
- Jason Martino
"These guys are top notch. The program is an excellent way to build skills, build confidence and have more fun riding. Plus, these guys make it all fun and are super supportive. I will be one of their many repeat customers. I highly recommend ProRider Pittsburgh."
- Eric Trow
"I took the very first ProRider Pittsburgh class offered, in October of 2014. Not only do I HIGHLY recommend taking this course, I honestly believe that the lessons and skills taught by BJ and his other coaches will save your life. It's not all about riding in circles, this class teaches you advanced handling and braking techniques that are vital to everyday riding. Not to mention you'll never duck walk your motorcycle again after completion. Don't let your ego get in your way, I don't care if you've been riding for 30 years, you will be a better rider after you take this course. Guaranteed"
- Jerry Kenna
"After more than 40 years of riding motorcycles, I took this course and came away with more confidence than ever. Some of the skills I learned were things I had already been doing, but it was nice to learn why and the physics behind it. I plan on taking the course again, to both improve my skills further and also just for the enjoyment of it. I highly recommend it to anyone that rides."
- Paul R.
"Once again, I attended another ProRider class. All I can say is, it doesn’t get any better than this for advancing your skills. BJ is one hell of an instructor. I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who rides. Thanks BJ and family for the excellent training."
- Kevin McCann
"BJ, Thanks for a great session yesterday. After watching some ProRider videos online, I thought that there was no way I could ever do these drills like that. My bike was too low, too long and too heavy, and I just wasn't that good of a rider despite 15 years’ experience. I gave it a shot though, and boy was I wrong! Using the techniques, you and the other instructors taught us, I was able to do things on my bike that I never thought possible. I still can't believe that I was able to do the Double 360 and the Iron Cross, I feel safer and more confident on the bike now, and I also picked up a lot of great riding tips that will keep me safe when on the road. Believe me, if I can learn to do these techniques, anyone can. If people are hesitant, they should just sign up and come out, they WILL become a better rider."
- David Schneider, Yamaha V-Star 950
"Took this class in Gettysburg, great class, lots of life saving techniques learned. Well worth the time and money. Coop, Brian, and Dave were top notch instructors"
- Dennis D, MSF Instructor, (ProRider In Hagerstown, MD)
"Great program of instruction. Very professional instructors presenting valuable and challenging skills. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their skills to a much higher level. I actually want to ride my Road King more now just to practice the new techniques! Well worth the time. Thanks to Craig, Dave, and Brian."
- Roy H, MSF Instructor, (ProRider In Hagerstown, MD)
"Took the ProRider course in Gettysburg. I have 20+ years of riding under my belt and man did I ever come out of that class today feeling like a better, more confident, and under control rider. Instructors Craig, Dave, and Brian are experienced, friendly, helpful, encouraging, and positive instructors. Not an ounce of arrogance in any of them - they really are pulling for you to come out a better rider. Great job! Will definitely go back and invite my friends too!"
- George W, (ProRider In Hagerstown, MD)
"I have been riding since I was 8 years old and consider myself a seasoned rider. After taking the class today I took home several new skills and also shown how to improve certain aspects of my riding and more importantly my safety. The instructors were by far the best! Lots of one on one and attention to detail. The instructors were very professional and laid back and just a great bunch of guys. I will be returning later in the season to see what I have learned today and how it progresses over the months. If you have been riding for some time or recently started riding, everyone can and will benefit from this course. Topics covered today can instantly be applied as they are real world scenarios in a controlled and safe environment, kudos to the instructors!"
- Pat C, (ProRider In Hagerstown, MD)
I would recommend the the ProRider Hagerstown class to all rider types. We had beginner to high-intermediate in our class this weekend and all of us by the end of the day picked up our skill level 5 fold. Craig, Brian, and Dave (all motorcycle officers and trainers) were very patient, giving with their time, and encouraging with all of the riders. BTW just because they ride HD they are not HD snobs. We had a couple of BMW's and HD's in the class. They are accepting of all shapes, sizes, and models of bikes and riders. (I was a BM'r and think I converted some of the officers. LOL) My wife will be attending an upcoming class with me as I still have more to learn. Thank you very much Craig, Brian and Dave for your time and professional manor in which you teach and encourage your students.
- Michael G, (ProRider In Hagerstown, MD)
"Can't say enough good things about the class and the instructors.The instructors are fantastic and into making sure that you gain skills and knowledge to improve your ride. This course is great for all levels of riders. Talking up to my friends since I got back home, and that was only today. Thanks ProRider!"
- John S, (ProRider In Hagerstown, MD)
"What a challenging advanced motorcycle course I took today. While I will always have room for improvement, I got a lot accomplished taking the ProRider course in their new location in Round Rock, Texas. My instructor was Paul Harper. He is the head of the Austin Police Department's Motorcycle training division. He took us through some rigorous maneuvers today and really helped me improve my tight turning and u-turns. Now I gotta practice what I've learned on a regular basis. I highly recommend the ProRider course for anyone wanting to improve their slow ride. And if you're near Round Rock, Paul's the guy to teach you some skills. Paul was a great instructor. I’m glad he was mine as I had some real concerns especially with the 360. He was very encouraging and very professional. Great communication skills."
- Mark Green, (ProRider In Central, TX)
"I just wanted to share with riders in the Central Texas region of the new course I took this past weekend. The instructors are local police motorcycle officers and I felt they genuinely were interested in sharing their knowledge, training, and experience with other motorcyclists. In fact, on separate occasions, I heard them say they want to give back to the [motorcycle] community.The rate is very reasonable for a day's worth of training, and I received great instruction/training modeled after a police motor officer training curriculum. Technical street skills everyone should know and practice. Worth your time. "
- John Hess, (ProRider In Central, TX)
"I have wanted to take this course for quite some time and was thrilled when I found we had a ProRider team in RR. I ride a big, heavy bike. So slow speed control is critical, because I don't like trying to pick this thing up by myself. ProRider Central Texas provides you with the knowledge, skills and encouragement to master the low and slow. Paul and Greg are very passionate about safety and motor skills and it comes across in the first minute you meet them. The Advanced Rider course is 8 hours on bike practice. No boring classrooms. It can be (and should be) repeated often in order to master the skills .I have a newfound respect for the riding skills of our boys in Blue, and new goals to master that damned Iron Cross."
- Joe Silva, (ProRider In Central, TX)
"Paul was an excellent teacher with great knowledge! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone that rides, whether you have 20 years experience or 1. There’s always something to learn and Paul did a great job teaching it! The combination of Paul’s passion for the topic and gift of instruction resulted in an engaging and insightful class. I was prepared to go through a mandatory process for licensing and ended up learning important skills and building my riding confidence. I look forward to my teenage daughter attending Paul’s class next year. Thanks to Paul for making it real and interesting. Pura Vida"
Jerry, (ProRider In Central, TX)
"Excellent instructions and good exercises. Great way to refresh and brush up your motorcycle skills no matter how many years you’ve been riding. Paul Harper is a professional Motorcycle rider of many years and I’ve personally witnessed Paul demonstrate an exceptional skill level while negotiating very advanced, intricate and combined cone patterns. I’ve also witnessed his calm professional demeanor and respect quickly gained by students new to riding as well as those with many years of experience. I strongly support and recommend Paul as a top level elite Motorcycle instructor."
- Jeff Jakobs, (ProRider In Central, TX)
"Paul and Greg truly want to share their years of training and experience with every student. They want to help you in unlearning some of your bad riding habits and replacing them with proper, safe riding techniques. They will give you the tools to improve your riding skills and make the rides even more fun."
- Johnny Berry, (ProRider In Central, TX)
"It's been difficult to find a training course that will be challenging for those that have been riding for several years, and have gone through the basic, and even 'advanced' courses offered through MSF. I had been looking for additional training courses for a while here in central Texas, and ProRider finally popped-up. I took a class with Paul Harper on 6/22, and it was fantastic. Over the 8 hour day, we worked towards building on current skill levels, and improving our slow speed maneuvering, as well as higher speed emergency drills; swerves, braking, and the like. It was absolutely worth spending the day on the range working with a professional motorcycle rider, and working on exercises laid out to tighten up some things that honestly, I thought were second nature. I have seen remarkable changes in my riding efforts in these last few weeks, and I'm constantly recalling things he pointed out, or shared during the day. It may seem simple enough to remind all riders to get out and practice on their own, but in order to hold yourself accountable, really push your efforts and commit to the fundamentals, it's best to work with a guide. Paul Harper was a FANTASTIC guide. I'm very thankful to Paul for putting in so much effort with us. He was patient and explained how to make the necessary corrections in order to complete the exercises. He worked with us and not just with the textbook, took his time to explain the why's and He was patient and explained how to make the necessary corrections in order to complete the exercises. He worked with us and not just with the textbook, took his time to explain the why's and how's of it all, and gave us the tools to see consistent improvement. I am so glad that I found ProRider Central Texas and can't wait to take another course with them."
- Brian Callanan, (ProRider In Central, TX)


Mission Statement

ProRider aims to provide a challenging, fun and safe learning environment that will allow participants to enhance their riding experience by developing rock solid confidence on the road and gaining ultimate control of their ride.

A little about ProRider

Thank you for visiting ProRider's website and taking a few minutes to learn more about ProRider. Throughout the website, you can read up on the classes that we offer and the people that make things happen, but on this page I want to provide you with the background on how ProRider "came to be."

After realizing the value gained by police officers who complete motor school, we began looking at the motorcycle training options available to civilians and were disappointed to learn that there weren't many. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation does a great job of providing basic training to beginners and intermediate/refresher training to experienced riders. However, there was no training available that was comparable to the advanced skills taught in police courses. There is nothing secretive about these skills- nothing that is going to compromise officer safety if learned by the public- they simply aren't incorporated into any civilian classes.

Upon realizing that there was huge opportunity to bring advanced skills to civilian riders, we began talking to a number of police motorcycle officers and other instructors and obtaining feedback and ideas. There was overwhelming support for the idea of creating a civilian riding course that is truly modeled from police motorcycle exercises and techniques- and not just the low-speed work, but the crash avoidance, proper threshold braking and street skills as well.

With the collaboration and input from other motor officer instructors, we developed three challenging, fun, and rewarding course options for experienced riders that want to take their riding abilities to a new level: Advanced Riders Course, Precision and Control Course, and the Defensive Riding Course. Classes kicked off at the Philadelphia PA and Chattanooga TN training sites in the Fall 2013, and has since expanded to 55 locations across the country, and we are rapidly expanding. Each Training Site is independently licensed and operated, but meets a rigorous approval process and conforms to the high standards established by ProRider.

While each Training Site and every instructor brings their own personal flare and touch to the learning process, every affiliate of ProRider is committed to providing an exceptional training experience and giving riders the tools and confidence they need to develop their maximum riding potential.

Come ride with us in an upcoming ProRider class!

BJ McMullan, CEO of ProRider Motorcycle Training


Q - Do you provide a motorcycle, or do I use by own bike in the course?

A - Since ProRider classes are designed to help you handle your bike with greater ease and confidence, the classes are conducted on your own bike, allowing you to truly learn it's dynamics, handling, capabilities and limitations.

Q - If I have been through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Rider's Edge or Harley Riding Academy Courses, do I need ProRider Training?

A - Yes you do, we are an advanced training that teaches Police Motorcycle Skills that are only taught in police motorcycle training. Our classes are the next level of training that will improve your riding ability, riding confidence and may save your life!

Q - What kind of bike can I bring to the course?

A - The best bikes for this course are ones that are close to factory stock - most any street-legal motorcycle can do these exercises, but bikes with tall handlebars (ape hangers), sport bikes with lengthened swing arms, and dual-purpose bikes (street/dirt) with off road knobby tires will have difficulty in the course. Feel free to contact your local instructor with any bike modification questions.

Q - I'm new to riding - is this course for me?

A - We recommend that you have some riding experience - at least a season under your belt - or have successfully completed an MSF rider class, Harley Riding Academy or equivalent school prior to attending this course. ProRider is aimed for experienced riders who have successfully completed these other classes and are looking for the "next level" of challenge and improvement. This class is beyond the level of training you receive from MFS type classes.

Q - I've been riding for years. Will I learn anything in this course?

A - Absolutely! Many of our instructors are seasoned police motorcycle officers who have worked many crashes involving "experienced riders". Often, these riders have the crash avoidance "head knowledge" but have never physically practiced those maneuvers and developed the appropriate "muscle memory" to successfully implement them. You will leave this class a better rider!

Q - Will I drop my bike? I do not want to damage it.

A - Far more bikes are dropped in a basic MSF class than a ProRider class. The only way to guarantee that you will not drop your bike is never to take it out of the garage or leaving it in your driveway... Unfortunately, even in the most basic MSF classes people sometimes drop their bikes. However, we make every effort to help you safely perform these exercises without risk to you or your bike. Our exercises start "slow and wide" and we gradually increase the challenge as your gain confidence and skill. While we do not predict or anticipate bikes "dropping", we do provide you with the opportunity to remove your saddlebags, wrap your engine guards with rubber hose, or take other safeguarding measures. We do not anticipate any injures or any damage to any motorcycles. We have had several thousand riders, just like you, attend our nationwide classes and they continue to return for more great training!

Q - Will I receive a discount on my motorcycle insurance for taking this course?

A - We provide a training certificate that many insurance companies honor and many do offer a discount on your insurance rates upon successful completion of this course. You may want to contact your agent for more details and to find out if you are eligible for a discount upon completion of this course.

Q - Is this a rain or shine class?

A - While we should develop skills for all types of weather, we don't like unnecessary risks while learning. Many of the exercises, especially the crash avoidance skills, require a dry surface for maximum safety. Each ProRider Training Site will closely monitor weather forecasts prior to the class and offer rain dates if the crash avoidance portion must be postponed or cancelled.